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Amazon Aid Foundation

Kicking up our feet and ready to call it the end of the week. #amazon #rainforest #tropical #boating #nature

Meet the Anthem for the Amazon team: Born in Istanbul, Turkey Emir Cerman was discovered in 2005 when he composed a piece in tribute to his country’s leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk which grew to over 4 million views.

In addition to graduating from @berkleecollege and collaborating with many Grammy award winning producers, Emir founder Rhythm of the Universe, a group of extraordinary people who believe they can change the world through music.

Emir joins the Amazon Anthem team as creative director, producer, and composer. #amazonanthem #artistsfortheamazon #rotu #berklee

The students of CIAMO say NO to deforestation in support of Amazon Aid!

We love this screenshot from the opening animation of Amazon Gold. What part of our award-winning film sticks with you? #amazongold #amazonaid #rainforest #documentary #frog #animation

Musical minds breathing life into the world at the Anthem for the Amazon intro event with Berklee College of Music. Thank you everyone for an amazing time!

Anthem for the Amazon is a call to action to the leaders at this year’s United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to protect the Amazon and include standing forests as part of the global climate agreement.

Are you ready to #ActOnClimate with #AmazonAnthem?

Keeping forests standing is hope for a safer, cleaner future for our children. Help keep trees in the Amazon standing, one acre at a time with #AcreCare. #protectrainforest #amazon #trees #quote #vandanashiva #makeadifference