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Amazon Aid Foundation

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

An incredibly powerful message from the King of Pop to protect our Earth and all who call it home.


The nightmare became a reality when a previously uncontacted tribe was treated for influenza after coming into contact with researchers and officials in Brazil.

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The Anthem for the Amazon will unite students, artists, and scientists from over 100 countries to send a message to our global leaders that we need to include halting deforestation as part of the agreement for mitigating climate change. 

Deforestation: The Over-Looked Climate Driver and What You Can Do About It

Trees in the Amazon hold nearly 11 years of global carbon emissions. When we cut down and burn forest, that carbon goes right back into our atmosphere. Yet standing forests ate often left out of the climate change conversation. This is why we must include forests in the dialogue at COP20 this December.

¿Sabes qué es la ‪COP20‬?